What Is the Average Hat Size for a Man

Your tuxedo or suit could most definitely enhance your look if you accessorize it with a stylish hat or in some cases you may even experiment with marvel snapbacks. That being said, it’s very common to see men consider prospective hats based on whether it matches their garment. And it is not just about fashion, men like to wear hats for several reasons. While the aesthetic factor tops the list, hats are also useful as they provide protection against harsh weather- the hot sun or maybe the rain. Hats are also praised for giving an overall cooling effect as they provide a shadow for the face.

Unfortunately, some men fail to recognize whether they have the right size for the hat. The market is full of hats of all sizes, small and big. If a small or a big size hat can’t fit you, then you definitely need an average hat, better termed as a medium size hat. The good thing is that average hats are found in most, if not all styles, unlike the small and big ones. The internet has made it easy to find average size hats in any style. So, what is this average size hat?

Average size hat

From the word average, an average size hat is one that could fit a better percentage of people. It is determined by calculating the size of a given population then diving by the total number of sampled people.
Average hat size for men

According to a study conducted on the head circumference in adult men in Canada, it was found that the mean head size of men is 56.69cm. Because hat size is determined by head size, a hat sizing chart was developed to aid hat manufacturers. When the 56.69cm measure is read against the hat sizing chart, it falls at 7 1/8 hat size; hence it is deemed the average hat size for men. If your head size is between 56cm and 57 cm, you can proudly boast of having an average or rather medium head.

How to determine your hat size

Is your retailer asking the size of hat you wear? If yes, you only need a flexible tape, or string to measure your head size and use the hat sizing chart to determine your hat size. The procedure is simple: you start measuring from the back of your head as you bring the ends of your measuring tool towards the center of your head.

If you don’t fall at the 56-57cm, what could be your hat size? Well, heads of 54-55cm fit in small hats (size 6 7/8); those of 58-59cm fit in large hats (size 7 3/8); those of 60-61cm fit in extra-large hats (size 7 5/8); and those of 62cm fit in XXL hats (size 7 A).

Bottom line

A hat that looks good on someone else may not look as good to you if the size doesn’t fit as well. So, get a hat that suits your style and more importantly one that suits your head size. Note however that hat sizes may vary from one manufacturer to another so be sure try it out and go for that which fits perfectly.