What Are the 5 Grounds for Divorce?

Marriage is one of the sweetest things in life, however, it comes with its own ups and downs. When marrying, we do so with the hope that our marriage will last forever but in various instances things contradict. It reaches a time when couples can’t stay together anymore and the only solution they have is to separate. But before making such a decision it might be better to consult a reputable divorce lawyer in Buffalo NY to make sure you have all options covered. Whereas nobody would want to find him/herself in such a situation, sometimes it becomes very tricky to evade divorce especially when there are total misunderstandings between the couples involved. There are various things that can lead to divorce as we are going to see in this article.

Grounds for Divorce

1. Adultery

One of the many grounds for divorce is adultery. This occurs when one of the spouses engages in sexual affairs outside the marriage. It can be very painful to realize that the person you live with and trust can betray you with another person. When you discover such a thing you can file a petition and request a divorce. Forgiving such an act is hard and has been the major cause of divorce for very many families. However, for your petition to be effective, you need to file it at least within six months from the time you discovered adultery. This can, however, vary from state to state and so you need to stay conversant with the applicable laws in your country.

3. Desertion

Another ground for divorce is desertion. This can occur when your partner or loved one leaves you without any agreement and/or any good reason. This might mean that he/she is not interested in the relationship anymore and is trying to employ all the possible means to terminate it. If your partner leaves you without any agreement and takes two years or more (within a space of, say 30 months) without coming back or maintaining communication to you, then you can request for divorce even without their knowledge.

3. Sexual harassment

Sexual harassment can likewise be another ground for divorce. Regardless of the state, you come from, you will agree with me that sexual harassment is not allowed and is considered to be a criminal act. If you feel that the spouse you live with is harassing you sexually, you can file a divorce petition requesting for permanent separation.

4. Live Imprisonment

Another thing that can prompt you to request divorce is when the spouse you are living with is imprisoned for life due to committing a criminal offense. This would mean that you will have no other time to enjoy together with your loved one and therefore you need to sort yourself out.

5. Domestic Violence

If the spouse you are living with has no respect for you or your children or does not take responsibilities as he/she should, you can request for a divorce. It can be very challenging to live with a violent individual and divorce can be a good way to secure your precious life.

The above are some of the most common grounds for divorce. If you are not okay with the person you are living with and you have tried all the means possible to work things out but to no avail, you should file a petition requesting a divorce. No need to force!